In New Zealand we live in a gorgeous country with lots of green grass and unpredictable weather. They make songs and jokes about our weather. This is where Hooked On Air can help. Our extensive range of portable air conditioning equipment, mobile heaters, air handlers and extractor fans can bring the extremes of temperatures and environmental conditions to bay.

Planning a wedding in a marquee & need a marquee heater, or your companies AC unit broken & need a portable air conditioning unit or shooting a TV commercial in a freezing building- we have the answers.

Don’t get hot under the collar or cold feet, let Hooked on Air create a perfect environment to work and play in.


Our experienced air condtioning & heating technicians are standing by with the knowledge and equipment ready to tackle any condition.

We have it all ….

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  • Heating
  • Extraction
  • HVAC air conditioning
  • De-humidifying
  • Air Handlers
  • Temporary installations  and custom built solutions
  • Spiral duct
  • Flexible duct


  • Easy-to-move caster wheels or trailer mounted for larger units.
  • Electronic temperature control with remote override
  • Stand by and red light control for film friendly clients
  • Extensive sound proofing qualities from our silent generator technology
  • We even have our own generators - so power is never an issue

Hooked On Power offers free no obligation quotes to all customers so contact us today to arrange a quote for air conditing hire, event equipment hire, stage lighting hire, film equipment hire, light tower hire & silent generator hire.

We have an extensive range of electric heating systems. Hooked on Air will install and advise you of the most cost effective solution


  • Fanless/no noise heating units
  • Digitally controlled temperature controllers
  • Remote stop start
  • Visible output volumes
  • Permanent, semi –permanent or temporary installations available
Humidity and heat will slow everyone down.

Out range of HVAC – heating, cooling, air conditioning units will control the best and smallest of areas


  • Units from 10kw to 100kw
  • Easy to move with wheel kits and trailers
  • Digital temperature control
  • Remote stop start
  • Silent running mode
  • Flexible acoustic and spiral ducting
  • Permanent, semi –permanent or temporary installations available
Sometimes extraction is the key to your environmental solutions. When you extract the hot air from the top of a building, marquee or worksite this will pull fresh air inn from the bottom and create a natural thermal effect.

Ideal where fumes, dust or bad air conditions are around.


  • 100-10,000 ms per minute extraction
  • Viable speed fan control
  • Remote start stop control
  • Noise reducing ducting and mufflers
Our qualified technicians are only a phone call away. We can quote a quick fix or semi-permanent solution for any hot, cold, humid, dusty or fumy areas.

We offer a full installation and back up service 24/7