How HOOKED ON POWER came about

Back in the early 1990’s, the Film Industry was at the grass roots stages of the great industry it is today.

Back then, there wasn’t much of specialist film equipment.
We had to do what we could with what was available or make it ourselves.
Working with lighting department, it became obvious there was a need quiet power generators

  • Generators on trucks so we could move them
  • Generators with big fuel tanks so we didn’t run out!
  • Generators with lockers to carry the big heavy cables

‘HOOKED ON POWER’ was born.

I did my research and talked to people and with an understanding of low frequency noise, sound transference, exhaust and air flows- designed and built our own special acoustic generator enclosure.
Features like our own ‘go- no go bounce absorb sound technology’, acoustic exhaust plenum and double density rubber mounting systems we produce the quietest mobile generators ever made.

People loved them.

Hooked On Power offers free no obligation quotes to all customers so contact us today to arrange a quote for air conditing hire, event equipment hire, stage lighting hire, film equipment hire, light tower hire & silent generator hire.

As the film industry grew so did the demand for our generators.
Other power uses within our industry needed quiet generators as well.
With the City Council imposing sound restrictions especially at night, we developed our sound technics into trailer mounted generators for unit base.
So quiet, people have eaten dinner next to them on Ponsonby Road.
Next a 4WD generators for the hard to reach locations, then light towers with additional power outlets.
As all generators have personalities, we gave them all a name-

  • Bedrock 200Kva truck mounted generator
  • Barney 120Kva truck mounted generator
  • Flash 120Kva truck mounted generator
  • Pebbles 90Kva truck mounted generator
  • Dino 80Kva truck mounted generator
  • Fred 70Kva truck mounted generator
  • Billy Bob 70Kva 4wd go anywhere vehicle
  • Paprika 50Kva 4wd truck mounted generator
  • Jalapeno
  • Cayenne All 30Kva trailer mounted generators
  • Habanero

Honda Portable Inverter Generators

When it comes to small petrol inverter generators, Honda Power Products makes the best in the world.
We know- we have a Honda agency.
Honda inverter generators have the ability to be paralleled or ‘Linked’ together- 1+1=2, 3+3=6
One day a job came in where we needed power for a very big light in a location reachable by foot.
Been the enervators we are, we successfully link 5 x 3kva generators together, carried them into the location and ran the light.

Honda Portable Inverter Generators

  • Eu10is, Eu20is, Eu30is, EU65is and parallel links kits
Safety is paramount and night you have to see to be safe.
We have an extensive list of safety lighting equipment available.
Our trailer mounted super silent lighting towers/generators where designed especially for Film Industry.
Our generator/towers surpass the Auckland City council restrictions on any equipment been used with above 55dB noise output at any inner city shooting locations.
For marquee and large shooting area, we have built a combined power and light unit that can be daisy chained together.
Combined with our state of the art LED light poles, no one is working in the dark anymore!

Our Lighting Equipment

  • 12,18,25Kva light tower generator combos
  • 1000 watt halogen lamps and light poles
  • 10,20,30,50 and 100watt LED lamps and light poles
  • 250watt LED street lamps
  • Twin fluorescent with power outlets work lamps
  • Solar powered LED lighting
Keeping cast and crew comfortable is paramount to a production company.
People will work harder, longer and not get sick.
Spartacus approached us regarding studio heating, later Air conditioning for the 5 studios in Auckland.
We needed another name- ‘HOOKED ON AIR’ was suggested.
With Spartacus’s support we went about designing our own ‘no noise’ fan-less heater units so they could be used close to set.
When summers warmth became too much, we modified commercial HVAC ducted air systems to suit film use.
Features we have added to be more ‘film friendly’.

  • Acoustic improvements using our generator acoustic technology.
  • Solid support frame with lifting hooks and caster wheels
  • Remote control- stop and start, Fan speed
  • Red light control- no noise while shooting
  • remote temperature control- for multiple units in common area
We have a specialist team of experienced technicians available to assist film productions in relocating Base or ‘Unit’ camps.
Working behind the scenes and usually at night, we wrap the unit base, transport all the vehicles and equipment, then set up the base at the new location, ready for the film crew’s use.

Power up services

One of the more technical aspects of these relocations is the Power up service.
Duties include-
Locating the generator at the best spot, running the cables safely using cable guards to prevent hazards, using lifeguards with personal RCD protection.
Balancing the generator phases and making sure everything is safe and stays safe even when it’s pouring with rain.
Let Hooked On Power help you make a safe, incident free, no hassle- Film Unit Base.