Lighting Solutions - Light Towers, On Set Lighting, Event & Film Lighting.

Safety is paramount and night you have to see to be safe.
We have an extensive list of safety lighting equipment available.
Our trailer mounted super silent lighting towers/generators where designed especially for Film Industry.
Our generator/towers surpass the Auckland City council restrictions on any equipment been used with above 55dB noise output at any inner city shooting locations.
For marquee and large shooting area, we have built a combined power and light unit that can be daisy chained together.
Combined with our state of the art LED light poles, no one is working in the dark anymore!

Our Lighting Equipment

  • 12,18,25Kva light tower generator combos
  • 1000 watt halogen lamps and light poles
  • 10,20,30,50 and 100watt LED lamps and light poles
  • 250watt LED street lamps
  • Twin fluorescent with power outlets work lamps
  • Solar powered LED lighting

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