Here are some common questions and answers to help with your enquiries.

Yes we are- just a phone call away. Call our 0800 number anytime24/7 and talk to a real person with real answers.
Our team of trained specialists is standing by to rescue you.
If we can’t fix your generator, our extensive generator range can cover as a replacement to get you up and going again.
Yes we do. For a nominal charge we can deliver, set up, wrap and refuel for you if needed.
Yes we do. We stock a full range of Honda power products, an authorized dealer, repair center and parts supply.
With larger diesel units, Cummins/Onan, FD Wilson and Denyo are our preferred choice of generators.
Noise is our pet hate. We have lots of ways to help noise reduction.
Our acoustic designs and mounting systems will help shut up the noisiest generators.

DIY people must be careful when building acoustic enclosures.
Air flows for cooling and engine performance must not be compromised and correct materials used otherwise serious damage and/or fire risk.

We have a large range of electric heating units, mobile, quiet and remote controlled.
Available by the 1⁄2 day, we can fix the cold quickly with cost effective solutions.
For longer hire periods, our HVAC AC units with added heating coils will supply dry heated air just where you want it.
Sure, that stuff we are good at.

We can design a power plan suitable to run power to all your event locations.
Using house power, HOP super silent generators or combination of both, we can get power to where it’s needed safety.

We can combined a lighting plan with the power for events ending late and satisfy the council that your event is in good hands, well organized and safe.

No problem, a quick phone call with some details of your appliance and we can steer you right. No obligation free advice here!