Generator & Emergency backup Power for Hire


When Power Failure is Not an Option

At Hooked on Power, we provide a large range of silent mobile power generators for hire, suitable for all applications. Our top quality well serviced generator equipment is built using the most reliable industrial engines and mounted in super silent enclosures - so silent passers by don’t believe they are running…


Our team of qualified technicians are available 24/7. We understand that people and industries are different. They work and play at all times the day and night- so do we! We also understand that electricity is a scary monster to most people. So don’t think you have got it right- call us and we can help.


Safety is paramount to us. NZ Law stated requirements are a minimum level when it comes to Hooked On Power and electricity. Our reticulation, including lifeguards is all equipped with the personal ‘RCD’ protection and waterproof connections. Our generators also feature coarse protection so even the big supply cables are safe should an incident happen. Trip hazards are avoided by using the best cable routes for the location and using cable protectors in traffic areas.

We have it all…

  • Honda portable inverter generators 1,2,3 + 6.5Kva Air_logo
  • Parallel link kits to join 2 or more Honda ‘s together
  • Generator/Light tower combos- light and power in one unit!
  • Trailer mounted super silent single phase diesel generators
  • Truck mounted super silent single and 3 phase generators
  • 4 wheel drive- go anywhere generators
  • Heaps of cable, lifeguards, splitters and cable ramps
  • Friendly no obligation free advice and quotes

Hooked On Power offers free no obligation quotes to all customers so contact us today to arrange a quote for air conditing hire, event equipment hire, stage lighting hire, film equipment hire, light tower hire & silent generator hire.

Planning on installing new equipment, extensions to your home or business, or your current power supply can’t cope- we can help.

Don’t wait till the fuses blow – let us advise you on your power requirements and power available at your location before it’s too late. We can help you power bill too.

Commercial power supplies charges are based on the highest phase load. Uneven phase loads costs more to you. Often a simple connection change to balance your phases can save you loads of cash.

Our extensive range of mobile generators is the quietest in New Zealand!
Our patented acoustic enclosures are specially designed to limit the sound levels to below 50Dba @ 1m.
Low frequency rumble from generator engines is the hardest to control. Our patented mounting systems stop this transmitted sound dead in its tracks.

Any Size- Any Where
We can get power to the hardest to reach places.
Using our 4WD generator trucks and trailer generators most locations are easy.
When things get really tight, Honda portable inverter generators are the answer.
These latest units from Honda are the leading edge of power generation.
There inverter series units can be parallel linked together and they load share between the generators.
Here at Hooked On Power (authorised Honda Dealer) have custom-made several parallel units to customer requirements. For example we have linked 5 x Honda EU30is (15Kva) and 3 x Honda EU65is (19.5Kva)

Call us – we can help!

Safe Power
With the law changes that are seem to happen every day now, it’s hard to keep up with what the power safety requirements are.
RCD’s - ELCB’s - RCCB’s - RCBO’s are electrical safety items, but what do they mean?
Hooked on Power can answer your electrical safety questions and advise.

Square peg into a round hole!
How many times do you go to plug something in and it doesn’t fit?
There are so many different types of residential and commercial plugs and sizes used today.
We can help- we have every type of adaptors and plugs you could ask for.
Our extensive range of cable, lifeguards, splitters, adaptors, and cable protectors will get the power to where you want it and do it safely.

When the lights go off and everything comes to a screaming holt- we can provide the answer.
We offer a 30 minute response time (greater Auckland) to get you up and running again.
For more critical situations (life support etc.) UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems fitted with external power connections are used.
The UPS keeps systems running until our mobile generators are connected quickly via the external connectors.
Permanente generator installations can also be supplied.