Silent Power Generators

Our extensive range of mobile generators is the quietest in New Zealand!
Our patented acoustic enclosures are specially designed to limit the sound levels to below 50Dba @ 1m.
Low frequency rumble from generator engines is the hardest to control. Our patented mounting systems stop this transmitted sound dead in its tracks.

Any Size- Any Where

We can get power to the hardest to reach places.
Using our 4WD generator trucks and trailer generators most locations are easy.
When things get really tight, Honda portable inverter generators are the answer.
These latest units from Honda are the leading edge of power generation.
There inverter series units can be parallel linked together and they load share between the generators.
Here at Hooked On Power (authorised Honda Dealer) have custom-made several parallel units to customer requirements. For example we have linked 5 x Honda EU30is (15Kva) and 3 x Honda EU65is (19.5Kva)
Call us – we can help!

Safe Power

With the law changes that are seem to happen every day now, it’s hard to keep up with what the power safety requirements are.
RCD’s - ELCB’s - RCCB’s - RCBO’s are electrical safety items, but what do they mean?
Hooked on Power can answer your electrical safety questions and advise.